Plops, Kinks and Spills

Brett Reif's sculptures in Plops, Kinks, and Spills draw on themes of the Arte Povera Movement, in which artists find beauty in the ordinary, and combines them with playful contradictions.

"What if you discover that the way you've been living has serious consequences that are unsustainable? What if you have to decide on a course of action to rectify those consequences? Would you have the courage to face tough decisions to change your life? Or would you hold steadfast to the status quo in spite of the consequences?

My latest series of works, Plops, Kinks & Spills, depicts what happens when we try to have it all. The work represents a sculptural exploration using common household tile in forms that depict accidents, obstructions, and impermanence.  Plops, Kinks & Spills, embraces shallow fun and optical joy, as it exposes the hidden underbelly of discontent. These works pose smugly like idols for our time -- objects of joy that belie the perils lurking in the future if our current path continues unhindered."  - Brett Reif:  Plops, Kinks and Spills, 2017

The exhibition is on view from July 7 - August 26.  

The opening reception for Plops, Kinks and Spills is Thursday, July 13th from 5-8pm with an Artist talk beginning at 6:30pm.  

First Friday WFA members events are July 7 & August 4 from 5-8pm 

Point of Reference Exhibition

Debbie Barrett-Jones

Weinberger Fine Art's exhibition, Point of Reference, features work by Stephen T. Johnson, Travis Pratt, and Debbie Barrett-Jones.  The exhibition has been curated to showcase recent and previous artworks from each artist in an effort to encourage viewers to ask questions and make connections regarding the evolution of the artist's studio practice.  How does one series of work affect or overlap with the next and which questions do the artists continue to ask and answer through their studio practice?

An Opening Reception for Point of Reference | Past and Present Works will be held on May 4 from 5-8pm at the gallery with an Artist Talk at 6:30 pm.  The event is free and open to the public.  

Weinberger Fine Art will host a Members Reception on the First Friday of May and June from 5-8pm.

On view from May 4 - JuLY 1

For further questions regarding the exhibition POINT OF REFERENCE | FEATURING STEPHEN T. JOHNSON, TRAVIS PRATT, AND DEBBIE BARRETT-JONES or Exhibition Receptions, please contact the gallery.  

PH. 816-301-4428 | email


Living amidst a home remodeling project in Mile Neidinger's youth has had a great influence on his work - surrounded by clusters of debris and living in a partially deconstructed home was influential to his methods of perception. He witnessed the tearing out of walls, which exposed raw studs, plumbing pipes, and electrical wiring.  He learned his home had an infrastructure and that he was helping his parents to expose its inner design.

Neidinger has worked in the commercial and industrial electrical industry since 2001.  His artistic visualization has been informed by his experience in the workplace.  As an electrician he has found real life functions for color-coding, tape, conduit bending, and installations, the utilization of trigonometry, algebraic equations, and geometric functions. All these experiences have drastically informed his artistic practices and continue to do so.

Although this work insists on formal purity, it never remains solely dependent upon the materials and imagery employed. Reversals are staged between banality and beauty, synthetic and organic, repulsion and attraction. 



Habitual Observations

Madeline Gallucci and Brenda Zappitell, who have never met, share similarities in their studio pursuit and practice. Gallucci explores, dissects, and reinterprets her everyday environment through her vibrant drawings, whimsical paintings, and digital prints.  At the same time, Zappitell is also influenced by her environment, choosing to rely on intuition over examination to translate her experience into a painting.  For both artists, the evidence of these translations is a body of work that captures a bright, bold, and positive energy.  


Madeline Gallucci received her BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2012 where she acquired a passion for image making and working collaboratively. Gallucci has shown locally in Kansas City at Plug Projects, Paragraph Gallery and Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art as well as nationally at IDIO Gallery in Brooklyn, NY, Rebekah Templeton in Philadelphia, PA, Skylab Gallery in Columbus, OH and Terrault Contemporary in Baltimore, MD. She has been featured in local publications such as The Pitch and KC Magazine. Gallucci has been awarded local residencies through Charlotte Street Foundation and Hotel Phillips as well as national residencies in San Fransisco and Grinnell, IA. 

Madeline Gallucci is a recipient of the 2016 Charlotte Street Foundation Visual Artist Award. In addition to her studio practice, Madeline is Co-Director of Front/Space, an innovative project space located in Kansas City.

Brenda Zappitell, a Florida native, lives in Delray Beach, FL with her family. She creates abstract expressionist works not only born out of intuition but also serendipitously influenced by nature and life experiences. Although mostly self taught, she has attended classes and workshops in New Mexico, Mexico and Florida. Her work is in both private and public collections. Her work juxtaposes the balancing of counterintuitive ideas. She is interested in beauty and imperfection, as well as the intersection of memory and being in the present moment. Through a primarily intuitive process these ideas are exemplified both intentionally and unintentionally in her work. 




Take an online tour of the exhibition here

Weinberger Fine Art presents DEFINING ATMOSPHERE on view from January 13 - February 25. The exhibition showcases works by Clare Doveton and Ruth Borum-Loveland. The concept of atmosphere and meditation connects the work of these two artists. Each artist incorporates a practice of meditation in their work, whether through intense mark making or directly practicing meditation prior to working in the studio.  The result is paintings that play with a sense of space and location.

The gallery is open to the public on First Friday, February 3rd from 2-5pm with a private member reception from at 5-8pm.  Not a member yet?  Sign up today - either online or at the door, we'd love for you to join us!

For further questions regarding the exhibition DEFINING ATMOSPHERE or the reception, please contact the gallery. 

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Take an online tour of the exhibition here

Weinberger Fine Art presents the WINTER COLLECTIVE | WORKS ON PAPER on view from November 4 - January 7th.  This exhibition highlights work recently curated from eight different artists and includes vibrant drawings, spontaneous mark making, collaged work, and whimsical paintings on paper. The artists featured in THE WINTER COLLECTIVE are Madeline Gallucci, Michael Regnier, Stephen T Johnson, Brenda Zappitell, Hunt Slonem, Larassa Kabel, John Raux, and Salvador Dali.  

Click here to view the exhibition catalog

The exhibition opens Friday, November 4th.  The gallery hosts exclusive First Friday hours for its members with an appearance by Pop-up Charlie.

Weinberger Fine Art will host a cocktail reception for The Winter Collective on Thursday, November 17th from 5-8pm.  This reception is open to the public.

Our Curators Talk and Luncheon will be held on Thursday, December 8th.  This event will focus on Works on Paper; Mark Stevenson (paper conservator), Aaron Shipps (Fine Art Print Publisher), and Kim Weinberger (Curator) will be available to discuss the topic of Works on Paper and answer guests questions.  The Luncheon is catered and limited seating available, so RSVP is required.

For further questions regarding the exhibition WINTER COLLECTIVE | WORKS ON PAPER, the Reception, or the Curator's Talk please contact the gallery. PH. 816-301-4428 | Email:

Margaret Evangeline | In Beauty There Is Guilt | SEPT 1 - OCT 29



Margaret Evangeline in her studio with her dog, Voltaire

Weinberger Fine Art is excited to announce the upcoming exhibition, MARGARET EVANGELINE | IN BEAUTY THERE IS GUILT.  Join the artist at Weinberger Fine Art for a special VIP cocktail reception and book signing on Thursday, September 1st from 5-8pm.  The event will be catered with food inspired by the artist with a performance by cellist David Downing.  This is a free event.  For more information about the artist and the gallery, visit

This exhibition highlights new, large-scale abstract paintings recently curated from Margaret Evangeline’sstudio in New York City.   A piece titled “Terra Firma” is completed in shades of grey with waves upon waves that drip and overlap with each other. Other paintings highlight black outlines of camellias over the waves.   The artist uses “mending gestures” while painting with crystallina - a pigment that sparkles - suggesting a preciousness and references kintsugi, the Japanese art of mending broken objects with gold. The paintings in this exhibition convey a practice of meditation in both their creation and in perspective.  

Working abstractly, Evangeline allows the viewer their own entry into and interpretation of her work.  However, Evangeline’sconcepts and personal associations offer a key to further meaning and insight to the imagery.   Concepts of location, healing, meditation, and history influence her paintings.  Subjects such as the camellia flower link Evangeline to New Orleans and brings to mind mandalas.  Water plays an important role in the artist’s work; the rivers that have surrounded her have become a character or voice in her paintings.    In Louisiana, Evangeline was greatly impacted by the water in surrounding the New Orleans landscape. Eventually, the artist moved her studio to New York City and again found herself aligning to another great river, the Hudson. 

Another important concept behind Evangeline’s work is genius loci or the “indwelling spirit of place” that influences every piece either in its creation or through subject matter.   Her work is filtered through a personal history often in association to a specific location.  The idea of genius loci, in other words the power, energy and history of place, is present in the city she lives in, the studio she works in, and even in the tools she uses.  It is a concept affecting her work from creation to final object.  Beyond genius loci, Evangeline incorporates the irony of the connection and pull of opposites: destruction/creation, life/death, aggression/peace, etc.  Through this practice Evangeline allows her work to become a playground for alternating energies and perspectives.  

Margaret Evangeline received her MFA from the University of New Orleans in 1978 and has an impressive resume; she has been consistently featured in solo exhibitions as well as creating site-specific installations in addition to winning numerous awards and residencies including the New York Foundation the for Arts Painting Fellowship, a grant recipient for the Pollock-Krasner Foundation of New York, and as an Art Omi Artist Residency Board Member and former resident.  Her body of work ranges from photography, sculpture, performance, video, and painting.  

Weinberger Fine Art will have copies available of the book, Margaret Evangeline, which is a comprehensive study of the artist’s processes and work.  Evangeline will be available for book signing at the VIP cocktail reception on Thursday, September 1st from 5-8pm.

For further questions regarding the exhibition MARGARET EVANGELINE | IN BEAUTY THERE IS GUILT, the VIP Reception, or artist please contact the gallery.  PH. 816-301-4428 or email



Artist Talk and Luncheon

Weinberger Fine Art is excited to announce an upcoming Artist Talk and Luncheon featuring four Kansas City-based artists; Clare Doveton, Richard Mattsson, Jennifer Rivera and Jeff Robinson.  The artists will discuss their works included in THE SUMMER COLLECTIVE, in which landscape was used as the basis of curation.

The Artist Talk and Luncheon will be at 12 p.m. on Friday, August 12 at Weinberger Fine Art. Each artist will speak about his or her work on display, with time for questions and conversation afterward. Lunch will be catered by Mildred’s Coffeehouse. The Tickets are $20 each and can be purchased here. This Artist Talk and Luncheon is part of Weinberger Fine Art’s mission to support the culture and patronage of the arts in Kansas City and offers the community an opportunity to interact directly with artists.

Works by Doveton, Mattsson, Rivera and Robinson are part of the current show on view, THE SUMMER COLLECTIVE | SIX PAINTERS SPANNING ABSTRACT TO REALISM. The show also includes work by Francis Livingston and Daryl Thetford. The concept of landscape pervades the show, including abstracted prairie landscapes, realistic Kansas City landscapes, ambiguous colorful abstractions, fantastic skyscapes, and urban settings. Recent figurative work by Dean Kube and the abstract color-fields with integrated embroidery of Raul de la Torre are also currently on view in the gallery. The Summer Collective will be on view through August 27.

Weinberger Fine Art is open Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 12 to 5 p.m. or by appointment and/or chance. The gallery hosts Members Only hours on First Friday, where members are welcome to enjoy wine and hors d’ouerves. It is the perfect time to enjoy the excitement of First Friday. Visit our Membership page to learn more.

The Summer Collective

Weinberger Fine Art is excited to announce the upcoming exhibition, THE SUMMER COLLECTIVE | SIX PAINTERS SPANNING ABSTRACT TO REALISM.  This exhibition is on view from July 1 - August 27th and highlights work recently curated from six painters with various perspectives, ranging from abstract to realism, related to the subject of landscape.  The painters featured in THE SUMMER COLLECTIVE are Francis Livingston, Richard Mattsson, Jeff Robinson, Clare Doveton, Daryl Thetford, and Jennifer Rivera.  The concept of landscape pervades the show with works including abstracted prairie landscapes, realistic Kansas City landscapes, ambiguous colorful abstractions, fantastic sky-scapes, and paintings of urban settings and places. 

The gallery will also feature recent works by Andy Gershon, figurative work by Dean Kube and the abstract color-fields with integrated embroidery of Raul de la Torre. 

Join us at Weinberger Fine Art for a FUN RECEPTION with food trucks and entertainment on Friday, July 15th from 5:30-8pm.  Food Trucks will be parked outside in front of the gallery with entertainment inside provided by Leo Gayden, a hip hop dancer and DJ.  Gayden was recently featured in the May/June issue of KC STUDIO.    RSVP to this FREE event at

Gallery hours for Weinberger Fine Art are Tuesday through Friday from 10 - 6pm and Saturday from 12-5pm or by appointment and/or chance.  The gallery hosts Members Only hours on First Friday from 5-7:30pm and is open to the public from 7:30-9pm.  Members are welcome to enjoy wine and hors d’ouerves during Members Only hours.  It is the perfect time to enjoy the excitement of First Friday!  Become a member today!

For more information, feel free to call the gallery at 816-301-4428

Hunt Slonem | Work from the Artist's Studio | May 5 - Jun 25


Weinberger Fine Art is excited to announce the upcoming exhibition, HUNT SLONEM | WORKS FROM THE ARTIST’S STUDIO.  Join the artist at Weinberger Fine Art for a special VIP cocktail reception and book signing on Thursday, May 5th from 5-8pm.  Food will be provided by Bluestem and entertainment by ArtsKC grant recipient, Amado Espinoza.  Tickets to the reception are $50 and can be purchased at the gallery or online at

This exhibition highlights new work recently curated from Hunt Slonem’s studio in New York City by Jori Cheville (gallery director) and Kim Weinberger (WFA owner and chief curator).  The gallery walls will be painted vivid colors to mirror the design and high-energy found in many of Hunt Slonem's paintings, books, and interior design.  The exhibition will feature a series of his iconic bunny paintings, in addition to a series of vivid florals and abstracted bayou landscapes.  

HUNTSLONEM | Master Painter

Masterful painterly abandon and a passionate intent to reveal his truth characterizes the work of Hunt Slonem. His subjects are the vehicle for his dialogue with the viewer. Expressionism, Abstraction, Modernism, Impressionism, are just a few of the derivative elements that assist the artist in his exciting visual language.“This painter has guts…he’s fearless” was an accolade heard at a recent viewing of Hunt Slonem’s work in New York. His work is in every major collection across the United States, Europe and South America.

BLUESTEM | Delicious Food

Hors D’ouerves will be provided by Bluestem.  Bluestem has received local and national accolades including being named as a 2015 James Beard Foundation semi-finalist for “Outstanding Restaurant” for an invigorating marriage of cuisine and hospitality.

AMADOESPINOZA | Tantalizing Music

Amado Espinoza is a recent ArtsKC Grant Recipient.  Amado Espinoza, from Cochabamba, Bolivia, is a unique performing artist that respects his folk traditions of the Andes Mountains, while creating compositions that are sincere to his musical-wanderlust personality.  He specializes in the Bolivian charango, a small ten-stringed guitar, but demonstrates mastery of over 40 instruments, including latin, african and arabic percussion, and native flutes from all over the world. A multi-faceted performer, Amado also guides sound meditations, recycled instrument workshops, and is a respected instrument maker in South America and beyond.

Studio Nong Collective | NCECA | Mar 4 - Apr 16

Weinberger Fine Art is excited to announce the upcoming exhibition, SunSet|SunRise: Work from the Studio Nong International Sculpture Collective in conjunction with the 2016 NCECA Conference.  This exhibition highlights more than 50 pieces of figurative sculpture created by the collective while in residence in the United States in the summer of 2015. 

Studio Nong is an international collective of educators/artists from the GuangXi Arts Institute in Nanning, China, the Kansas City Art Institute in Kansas City, Missouri, and the Memphis College of Art in Memphis, Tennessee.  Dividing its time between Southern China and the United States, the collective works together to create a body of work that reflects shared interests in figurative ceramic sculpture as well as the diverse traditions found within the group.  The eight members are: Professor Zhenhai He (GAI), Professor Jigang Qin (GAI), Associate Professor Bangmin Nong (GAI), Lecturer Shanwu Huang (GAI) and their American counterparts, Associate Professor Jessie Fisher (KCAI), Assistant Professor Misty Gamble (KCAI), Lecturer Scott Seebart (KCAI/UMKC) and Associate Professor Leandra Urrutia (Memphis College of Art).

In the summer of 2011, Misty Gamble invited Jessie Fisher and Leandra Urrutia to the Watershed Center for Ceramic Arts for an AIA Residency led by Gamble. It was there that they met and worked with the Master Sculptor, Bangmin Nong, with whom they formed an immediate friendship and an aesthetic connection. At the center of that connection was clay and the study of sculptural form based on topics rooted in figuration and formal mastery. In the summer of 2013, the group was joined by Scott Seebart and these four American artists and educators traveled to China for an intensive six-week collaboration and cultural exchange of traditions andapproaches to painting and sculpture.


In the southern province of China, the American artists worked together at Studio Nong and the Huayi NiXing Pottery Company, where they developed close relationships with four sculptors and professors from the GuangXi Arts Institute, Nanning, in the GuangXi Provence of Southern China. Their ongoing exchange of methodologies (stemming from common interests) produced a wide range of work during such a compressed and intensive period. With sculptural works ranging from academic figuration to mixed-media installation and image-based works of illusory space and calligraphic abstractions, these artists produced an impressive start to their growing collaboration.


The American artists will now return to China in the summer of 2016 with the addition of a 5th internationally recognized figurative sculptor, Paolo Porelli of CRETA Rome Residencies, and three student interns to work in the new Studio Nong facilities in Jingdezhen and Nanning City, China.

Please join the eight members of the Studio Nong Collective for a gallery talk and reception at Weinberger Fine Art, 114 Southwest Blvd. KC,MO 64108 on Thursday, March 17th 5-9pm.


Professor Zhenhai He, born in 1958 in LiuZhou City, China, graduated in 1985 from the Jingdezhen Ceramics Institute (B.A.) and in 1988 from the China Central Academy of Fine Arts (M.F.A.). His work, influenced by temple architecture, has been shown in over fifty invitational exhibitions in China and abroad. Currently, Professor He is the Director of the Sculpture program at the GuangXi Arts Institute.

Professor Jigang Qin, born in 1959 in LiuZhou City, China, graduated in 1987 from the GuangXi Arts Institute (B.A) and in 1997 from the Japan Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music (M.A) in sculptural arts, studying with a pupil of Mailol. His current practice, stemming from his initial focus in Academic figuration, has progressed into the study of human and natural vessel forms influenced by the poetics of Chinese landscape painting. He is currently a professor of sculpture of GuangXi Arts Institute.

Associate Professor Bangmin Nong, born in 1981 in Tianyang, China, graduated in 2005 and 2009, from the GuangXi Arts Institute (B.A., M.A.), and West Virginia University, in 2012 (M.F.A). Nong creates figurative clay sculpture that focuses attention on the intersection of architecture and human psychology. Nong is currently an Associate Professor at the GuangXi Arts Institute.

Lecturer Shanwu Huang, born in 1974, in Pingguo, China, graduated in 2000 from the GuangXi Arts Institute (B.A.). Through Huang’s use of the multiple and mixed media in his current body of work, he centers his context on the displacement of identity. Specializing in ink painting, calligraphy and metalsmithing, he is currently a Lecturer at the GuangXi Arts Institute.

Associate Professor Jessie Fisher holds a B.F.A. degree in fine art from the University of Minnesota and an M.F.A. degree in painting and drawing, with a minor in printmaking, from the University of Iowa. She has studied at the Scoula Internationale della Grafica in Venice, Italy, the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and apprenticed with Studio Balma, Minneapolis. Fisher has exhibited nationally and internationally, including, the Weisman Museum of Art, the Des Moines Art Center, the American Museum of Art, the Guilin Museum of Art, in Guilin China, the Palazzo dei Cartelloni and Maidoff Center for the Arts in Florence, Italy and the Galleria Il Bocca al Lupo at the International Center for the Arts in Montecastello di Vibio, Italy. Fisher is currently an Associate Professor in Painting at the Kansas City Art Institute and a visiting critic at the International Center for the Arts in Montecastello di Vibio, Italy.

Assistant Professor Misty Gamble’s current work, life-size ceramic figurative sculptures and installations of multiple figurative fragments, focuses attention on issues surrounding femininity and challenges conventional standards of morality, normalcy and propriety. She has been a guest artist (both long term and short term) at Watershed, Project Art, C.R.E.T.A Rome, and The Armory. Gamble is an Assistant Professor in the School of Foundation at the Kansas City Art Institute. Before receiving her MFA from San Francisco State University in the visual arts, she worked as an agent, publicist, and event producer in music and the performing arts.

Lecturer Scott Seebart received his BFA from the University of Minnesota, a Post-Baccalaureate degree from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and his MFA with a minor in Printmaking from the University of Iowa. He has studied at the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands and at the Scoula della Grafica in Venice, Italy. Seebart has taught at the University of Iowa, Wartburg University, the University of Missouri, Kansas City and is currently a Lecturer in Painting at the Kansas City Art Institute. Seebart lives and works in Kansas City, Missouri with the painter Jessie Fisher and their son Valentine.

Associate Professor Leandra Urrutia born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, Urrutia began drawing and sculpting at an early age, influenced by the rich culture and traditions of her Mexican American heritage. Through her art, Ms. Urrutia addresses discordant elements of intimacy including attraction, repulsion, balance, disparity, perseverance and power. Ms. Urrutia is currently an Associate Professor of Studio Art and currently serves the faculty and administration of Memphis College of Art.


Nina Irwin | Solo Exhibition | Jan 21 - Feb 26

[KANSAS CITY, MO.]- On Thursday, January 21, 2016, Weinberger Fine Art will host an artist reception and discussion for the solo exhibition, NINA IRWIN.  The exhibition dates are January 21- February 26. 

Intense curiosity and thoughtful resourcefulness are key phrases Nina Irwin uses to describe her process. This is evident in the work in her self-titled show, NINA IRWIN, at Weinberger Fine Art. Irwin’s curiosity drives her to continually experiment, and her constant search for discovery translates into visceral energy in the work. Resourcefulness lends itself to this process. 

Throughout childhood, Irwin loved creating art. As she studied many different disciplines in college, she rediscovered in her mid-20s that art was the right path. She has come to realize that she has been interested in most of the same themes her entire life.  In 2013, her painting, “The Summery East”, was selected byrenowned art critic Jerry Saltz for the Kansas City Artist Coalition’s Six State River Market Regional Exhibit.  He wrote, “I looked for artists who seemed drive(n) to provide some sort of unknown algorithmic reaction to their topic, their medium, material, process, and desires. Artists who were somehow trying to make things that haven’t been seen before, provide a taxonomy into their inner lives, fashion encyclopedic palaces in single works, were interested in the representation of the invisible, the unseen, the unseeable.  What shocked me, what thrilled me is that I saw a lot of these kinds of art coming out of the Kansas City area.” Thismarked a level of distinction in her craft.  Irwin, currently working from her studio of 14 years in the historic stockyards of Kansas City, continues her artistic journey through the exploration of material and concept.

Irwin’s delicate, dreamlike scapes showcase hints of texture among flowing washes of color. She believes making something beautiful is certainly important but she seeks a deeper level inside her own art. “I strive to convey, through my paintings and sculptures, the actual feeling of a place,” she says, “much more than its physical characteristics.” Below the surface of each piece, Irwin seeks to layer symbolism so the audience can achieve a sense of discovery similar to her own.   

A portion of Irwin’s show includes a collaboration with Greg Hack, a reporter and editor for the Kansas City Star, of around 15 pieces of art and poetry.  After reading “Haiku in Low Places,” Hack’s book of poetry, she asked him to write some verses to a painting of hers, prompting the collaboration. Irwin and Hack create this series through connected ideas and thoughts. Irwin describes the partnership in the pieces as her “marrying the poetry with the artwork in different ways. The art and poetry are going to be one.”

NINA IRWIN will be on view January 21- February 26, 2016. Please join us for the opening reception January 21 5:30 PM -7:30 PM. Gallery Hours Tuesday-Friday10:00 AM-6:00 PM Saturday 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM.

Mark English | Master of the Visual Narrative | Nov. 5 - Jan. 16

Weinberger Fine Art is proud to announce a solo exhibition from Mark English, November 5 through December 30, 2015 in the Crossroads Arts District, Kansas City, Missouri.

Being in a room with Mark English’s work is akin to being surrounded by dreamlike figments of one’s own imagination and memory. His diaphanous portraits have just enough detail to recall a beloved character from a novel. His expansive and romantic countrysides seem to be snapshots from a childhood road trip you almost remember. English is a master of the visual narrative and the unique beauty of his work lies in the fact that each viewer is left to finish the storyfor themselves.

Kansas City based artist, Mark English, hails from Hubbard, a small town in central Texas. Intrigued by paintings advertising rodeos on businesswindows, he became inspired to study illustration. After attending the University of Texas and The Art Center College in Los Angeles, English moved to Connecticut to begin a career as one of America’s most well-known illustrators. Throughout the 1960s and 70s, English’s work could be found in numerous publications including; Time, Redbook, Sports Illustrated, and many other well-known periodicals. An invitation from Hallmark in 1977 brought the established illustrator to Kansas City. 

In the 1990’s, English decided to pursue a new avenue in his career as he began painting for galleries. Since this decision, English has contributed to innumerable exhibitions internationally in both solo and group shows. Similar to his career as an illustrator, Mark English has triumphed as a fine artist. His work is a part of numerous public and private collections and has been featured at the SmithsonianInstitute in Washington, D.C. 

In his early career as an illustrator, English executed his work in a photo-realistic fashion. His style as a fine artist developed in almost direct opposition to his earlier methods. English worked to adjust his approach, trading rigidity and detail for intuition and experimentation.

English continues his journey down the road of abstraction and narrative with new work in this exhibition.  Viewers will find that his well-known subjects; horses, portraits, and landscapes, dissolve in a lyrical patchwork of color, play, and pattern.  These familiar identifiable elements make the work accessible, while the absences of detail createsa mysteriousness. His imageryremains representational through a lens of abstraction by using layered texture and diffused details. In the same way that his subjects retain a sense of ambiguity, so too do his chosen mediums. English employs a host of materials and processes from oil and acrylic paint, to graphite, house paint, and paper collage.

“My theory about art is that it’s a lifetime search,” explains English, “My work continues to develop as I keep learning.” Now in his eighties, the remarkably vital artist has amassed an impressive store of knowledge and techniques which he continues to build upon.

While other artists work to conceal their processes, Mark English invites viewers to see the evolution of his work. “This is what is so special about Mark,” says Kim Weinberger, “he is always challenging himself to make exciting new work and he leaves evidence of his artistic journey in every piece.”

Weinberger Fine Art has representedMark English since 2010. The Kansas City, Missouri Gallery offers a range of services for the established collector and the first time buyer. Owner Kim Weinberger strives to be the critical link between artists and patrons. Visit the gallery Tuesday-Friday 10am-6pm, Saturday 12-5pm, and First Fridays 10am-9pm.  Also available private viewings anytime to see the work of Mark English and other represented artists.