linda lighton

My work has mostly been based in organic forms from nature. Lately however a Mother's worries about the world has subsumed my reverence and glorifying of the natural world. I wonder at the glorification of violence and the elements that inflict them. Thus, flowers, pods and crystals have grown guns, gas pumps, bullets and lipsticks as the proliferation of war implements flower in our American lifestyle.

All my work is about feminism and feminist imagery. As a woman, I feel to be honest and to have integrity I must reveal and discuss what I know. What I know is in the United States, guns seem to be flowering like weeds, with a reverence for brute force and a resistance to humanity. I believe the best I can do is to keep this conversation alive.

I use seduction and often humor as a way to get into the piece. Then I want the viewer to have the opportunity to think about a concept.

My attraction to nature never wavers. To see the blooming, the unfolding in nature and the coming forth of life, as well as the retreating, is a constant in my work. My desire is to embrace the life force.

— Linda Lighton

Linda Lighton