Hunt Slonem | Work from the Artist's Studio | May 5 - Jun 25


Weinberger Fine Art is excited to announce the upcoming exhibition, HUNT SLONEM | WORKS FROM THE ARTIST’S STUDIO.  Join the artist at Weinberger Fine Art for a special VIP cocktail reception and book signing on Thursday, May 5th from 5-8pm.  Food will be provided by Bluestem and entertainment by ArtsKC grant recipient, Amado Espinoza.  Tickets to the reception are $50 and can be purchased at the gallery or online at

This exhibition highlights new work recently curated from Hunt Slonem’s studio in New York City by Jori Cheville (gallery director) and Kim Weinberger (WFA owner and chief curator).  The gallery walls will be painted vivid colors to mirror the design and high-energy found in many of Hunt Slonem's paintings, books, and interior design.  The exhibition will feature a series of his iconic bunny paintings, in addition to a series of vivid florals and abstracted bayou landscapes.  

HUNTSLONEM | Master Painter

Masterful painterly abandon and a passionate intent to reveal his truth characterizes the work of Hunt Slonem. His subjects are the vehicle for his dialogue with the viewer. Expressionism, Abstraction, Modernism, Impressionism, are just a few of the derivative elements that assist the artist in his exciting visual language.“This painter has guts…he’s fearless” was an accolade heard at a recent viewing of Hunt Slonem’s work in New York. His work is in every major collection across the United States, Europe and South America.

BLUESTEM | Delicious Food

Hors D’ouerves will be provided by Bluestem.  Bluestem has received local and national accolades including being named as a 2015 James Beard Foundation semi-finalist for “Outstanding Restaurant” for an invigorating marriage of cuisine and hospitality.

AMADOESPINOZA | Tantalizing Music

Amado Espinoza is a recent ArtsKC Grant Recipient.  Amado Espinoza, from Cochabamba, Bolivia, is a unique performing artist that respects his folk traditions of the Andes Mountains, while creating compositions that are sincere to his musical-wanderlust personality.  He specializes in the Bolivian charango, a small ten-stringed guitar, but demonstrates mastery of over 40 instruments, including latin, african and arabic percussion, and native flutes from all over the world. A multi-faceted performer, Amado also guides sound meditations, recycled instrument workshops, and is a respected instrument maker in South America and beyond.