Dean Kube's work is the result of a collaborative self-reflection, achieved by channeling and capturing the experiential humanness of the people and places that have impacted his life – those honest, raw, uncertain, and intimately vulnerable moments. 

His work is inspired by the uncertainty of life.  The mistakes.  The bumps.  The blemishes.  He paints with acrylic on birch, purposely working with tools that feel unfamiliar – from traditional paintbrushes to printmaking rollers to spray bottles to miscellaneous card stock shapes – which allow for mishaps and missteps to naturally occur, taking his original ideas to places he never would have envisioned. 

Kube's goal with his work is to invite people to bring their own life experiences, histories, and unique stories into the narrative. – in a way that engages the viewer with immediacy, energy, and an understanding.