Living amidst a home remodeling project in Mile Neidinger's youth has had a great influence on his work - surrounded by clusters of debris and living in a partially deconstructed home was influential to his methods of perception. He witnessed the tearing out of walls, which exposed raw studs, plumbing pipes, and electrical wiring.  He learned his home had an infrastructure and that he was helping his parents to expose its inner design.

Neidinger has worked in the commercial and industrial electrical industry since 2001.  His artistic visualization has been informed by his experience in the workplace.  As an electrician he has found real life functions for color-coding, tape, conduit bending, and installations, the utilization of trigonometry, algebraic equations, and geometric functions. All these experiences have drastically informed his artistic practices and continue to do so.

Although this work insists on formal purity, it never remains solely dependent upon the materials and imagery employed. Reversals are staged between banality and beauty, synthetic and organic, repulsion and attraction.