Andy julo

Andy Julo creates elegant relief prints and cyanotypes that draw connections between the body, the cosmos, and the earth. 

Each of Julo's pieces reveal the artist's sensitivity to light and material, an aptitude also echoed in his interest in photography.  Julo often creates cyanotype prints, which are made using a 19th century photographic printing technique that produces gorgeous prussian blue and white artworks.  These pieces transform commonplace materials into delicate, individual universes of shape and tone.  

Through his work, Julo is interested in re-imagining traditional iconographies, narratives, and symbolic codes within a contemporary context by calling into question conventional boundaries between the sacred and profane. 

"First introduced in 1842, the cyanotype process is among the earliest photographic techniques to be developed in the modern era...  These images have endured for well over a century and a half because of the alluring contrast between the brilliant white of the image set against a deep background of Prussian Blue.  This image is known as a photogram as it is one of a kind.  Should the blue tones begin to fade, cyanotypes will return to their original blue after a short time being placed in a dark closet." 
- Andy Julo