Laura nugent

Laura Nugent creates non-representational, painterly works featuring imperfect pattern and fresh color relationships. 

Her surfaces are constructed out of the history that she has collected in her studio: wood or canvas covered with older abandoned works on paper and a plaster-like medium.  She sands and scrapes with different tools to create a new texture.  Then paints with many layers of acrylic and finish with a matte or gloss varnish.  Upon close inspection you will see wobbly, hand-painted lines and the drips of paint allowed to remain where they fell.

She works several months on each painting and during that time begins to assign narrative elements to the meaning of pattern and color. They become aerial-view landscapes, tapestries, tributes to ordinary objects. 

Nugent graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art with a degree in painting and has lived and worked as an artist all over the United States. She makes her home and studio now near Kansas City and travels widely to exhibit her work.