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The Boat Show - Steve Snell

Please join us in the Drawing Room on Friday, July 5th from 5 - 8pm for the public opening of Steve Snell’s solo exhibition featuring his new works.

Snell is a contemporary painter who is interested in  Americana as it relates to rural small-town life, the exploration of the wild, and the aesthetics of adventuring.

Snell creates brightly hued monochromatic portraits of wild animals and classically masculine American figures like Burt Reynolds along with clever renderings of the contemporary outdoorsman’s supplies like pretzels and gummy bears. These objects are thrust unnaturally into both demure, watery landscapes and intensely saturated natural backgrounds where organic shapes give way to symmetrical, geometric compositions that elevate these simple objects into something much greater. Through these juxtapositions Snell explores notions of rugged masculinity, the historical adventures of adventurers like Lewis and Clark, and what it looks like to be a contemporary outdoorsman. 

The Drawing Room is located at 1903 Wyandotte Street.

The duration of the exhibit is open to the public from 10am-6pm Tuesday through Friday and Noon-5pm on Saturday’s.