kate petley

Kate Petley's glowing and lyrically reticent abstractions come about through a complex process that weds state-of-the-art digital with old-fashioned gestural painting, and sometimes it’s difficult to see where one leaves off and the other kicks in—but that’s part of the seduction.  It’s a kind of process-oriented abstraction that Albert Oehlen often coaxes to a high degree of frenzy, but in Petley’s work the end results are much more subtle. Petley says, “I’m interested in that interface where there’s a sort of sweet spot between how the digital image is physically perceived and where the hand comes in.” - by Ann Landi via Vasari21

Kate Petley’s work is in numerous corporate and public collections, including the Houston Airport, the Federal Reserve Bank, the Nicolaysen Museum, UCLA Santa Monica Hospital, Morgan Stanley San Francisco, Vail Industries, and Fidelity Investments. In 2015 she completed an invitational residency at the Franz Mayer of MunichArchitectural Art Glass studio in Germany. She is the recipient of numerous awards, including an NEA Rockefeller Foundation Grant.