ted hinrichs

Throughout Ted Hinrichs experiences and studies he has been consistently enamored with the dynamics of relationship.  He seeks to understand how we relate to one another and the Universe; identifying circumstances that are beyond our control and those in which we have choice. He sees a mystery in these personal relationships.  It is in this mystery that understanding begins.  Somewhere beyond human intelligence, whether it involves coincidence or Supreme intervention, are the answers to why we are where we are at this time.  

Hinrichs' choice for depicting this abstract introspection of relationship is paint and a variety of other materials.  Each piece begins with a relational concept that takes a journey by his hand and explores the mysteries it has to offer.  It is an approach that consists of many layers and textures.  It is important that every mark maintains an existence throughout the paining in texture or form even if it is covered.  Colors range in intensity, which deepens the mysterious affect.  The metallic gold adds a play of light which is representative of the radiant moments of relationships.