Rashelle Weissenbach

Rashelle Weissenbach is a contemporary abstractionist painter known for her expressive use of color and textural approach to mixed media paintings. Layers of suggested imagery create depth and tension within her compositions, enticing the viewer to reflect on their own psyche. While imagery might appear free-spirited or random, Weissenbach's paintings are always a visual allegory, which entices the viewer to consider a larger message: love, loss, human relationships. Speaking visually through metaphor, she cathartically addresses her canvas with the sincerity and authenticity that one might approach a personal journal or a letter to friend: an emotional outlet where she can purge and visually record feelings and personal reactions to a variety of observed situations.

She holds a BFA in Illustration and a BSE in Art Education from UCM, a MED in Information Technology from Lesley University in Boston, and Post-Graduate Studies with an emphasis in Studio Painting from Kansas City Art Institute. Along with her position as an art department head and painting teacher to high school and college students, she teaches workshops in local galleries and works in her own painting studio daily. Weissenbach's work is part of multiple national private and public permanent collections.