Nina Irwin

As a small child Nina Irwin loved creating art. Irwin studied many different disciplines during her college career when she discovered that art was the right path for her. Since then she has realized particular interests and subject matter, such as archaeology, history, and art history, have been recurring themes throughout her life.

Irwin’s delicate dreamlike "scapes" showcase hints of texture among flowing washes of color. She believes making something beautiful is certainly enough for many people but she seeks a deeper level inside her own art. Below the surface level of each piece, Irwin strives to layer symbolism so the audience can achieve a sense of discovery, similar to her own. 

In 2013, her painting “Summery East” was selected by renowned art critic Jerry Saltz for the Kansas City Artist Coalition’s Six State River Market Regional Exhibit. This marked a level of distinction in her craft.

Currently working from her studio in the historic stockyards of Kansas City, Irwin continues her artistic journey through the exploration of material and concept.