Jim Sajovic

Kansas City, Missouri

Jim Sajovic is a contemporary painter who creates dense, vivid compositions using deconstructed images to create an “illusion of chaos through intricacy, complication, and contradiction.”

Born in Chicago, Sajovic studied painting at the University of Illinois and the University of Florida before becoming a professor of painting at the Kansas City Art institute, a position he held for 44 years. His most recent body of work exudes a sense of vibration and pulsation that hovers between the tangible and the atmospheric.

Sajovic has exhibited extensively including the Daum Museum of Contemporary Art and Incontri Internazionale d’Arte with many of works held in public and private collections the world over. He has been published in New American Paintings, Art in America, and Notes for a Young Painter (Prentice-Hall, Inc.) among others, and he is a recipient of the Mid-America Arts Alliance/NEA Fellowship Award in Painting.