Nancy friedemann-sanchez

Lincoln, Nebraska

A full catalog of available works can be located here. Be sure to check out La Bloga’s coverage of her most recent show Cornucopia at Weinberger Fine Arts Drawing Room.

Artist Nancy Friedemann- Sánchez creates drawings, paintings, and collages inspired by her cultural memory and migration. 

Born in Colombia,  Friedemann- Sánchez earned her BFA from Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá before receiving her second BFA from the Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles and her MFA from New York University. 

Informed by feminism and minimalism, her art is influenced by South and North American cultural forms that fuse and cross-pollinate. Having grown up in Colombia and later migrating to the United States as an adult, Friedemann-Sánchez makes art in two languages as she visually describes the curious and intense experience of relocating to the United States while keeping a part of herself rooted in Colombia. Her work is an expression of the hybridity and syncretism of the colonial conquest of the America’s and how this mirrors her own migration experience. 

Using dazzling, large scale drawings inspired by botanical illustrations, lace samples and images of lace taken from Spanish Colonial painting, Friedemann-Sánchez explores her cultural memory while drawing parallels to both political power and gender. 

Friedemann-Sánchez has had many exhibitions nationally and internationally including the Portland Museum of Art and Museo del Arte de Puerto Rico. She has been awarded a Nebraska Arts Council Achievement Award and a Smithsonian Artist Fellowship among many others, and she has completed many residencies including the Tamarind Institute, Yaddo, and the Bronx Museum for the Arts.