Born in Hubbard, Texas in 1933, Mark English has come a long way from his early days painting signs on windows of small-town businesses. For over four decades, English worked as one of America’s top magazine illustrators.  His unique style is easily recognizable in such publications as McCallsTimeSports IllustratedRedbookAtlantic Monthly, and others. He has won literally hundreds of awards for his work and has been the most awarded illustrator in the history of the Society of Illustrators in New York. His client list includes such notables as IBM, U.S. Park Service, RCA, GE, Ford, GM, and Honeywell.

A 1977 invitation from Hallmark brought English to Kansas City and it was here in 1995 that he transitioned from illustrator to artist and began painting for galleries in earnest. English approaches his fine art with the same drive, innovation, and talent that fueled his immense success as an illustrator. 

Over the years, his work has become significantly abstracted. Detailed landscapes and realistic figures have morphed into dreamlike tapestries of color and texture.   In his latest work, transparency and translucency reign. Each piece is a strata, layered with paint, paper and pen, meant to be visually excavated by its viewer. His never ending search for exciting compositions and materials fuel his imagination and those of his eager collectors. Mark English’s work is celebrated and sought after world-wide.  He continues to live and work in Kansas City, where gallerist Kim Weinberger has represented his work since 2010.