Lesley Schiff

“I never intended to stop painting,” Schiff has said.  “I just decided to start painting with a modern tool.  Working with the color laser printer keeps you in your culture.  It’s like America.  Plugged in.  Electronic.  Direct.  Visual.  Spontaneous.  Immediate.  It goes as fast as your brain and the result is instantaneous.  It combines photography and painting-- but my intention is to make a painting, not a photograph.”

In 1981, as a result of her visionary intentions and innovative Art Form, The Metropolitan Museum of Art acquired her 24-Image Portfolio-SEASONS.  They didn’t have a category for her work.   It was the first of this technology to be placed into their permanent collection. Former Met Curator, Weston Naef, said of her work,  “...it challenges the medium to do more.  It’s supple and rich, and has a grasp of modern painting.” Since The Met acquisition, she has created a vast and spiraling body of work from an ocean of vigorous images. She has attracted and expanded a prominent and eclectic audience. Museums, corporations, celebrity, and private collections globally, including Buckingham Palace have acquired her art.