ken wilson

Ken Wilson rediscovered his passion for art after spending 25 years on a separate path in real estate development. Wilson’s pull to the arts through color and composition came about while rehabbing his home. He explains his artistic awakening to be both “challenging and rewarding to see what I could create.”

In his current work, Wilson looks to his life experiences of traveling internationally to museums as well as his every day enjoyment of music, cooking, and reading. Wilson lives and works in San Diego but claims he has two hometowns, including Kansas City.


His favorite composition to create is a cityscape particularly during weather activity such as rain or snow, which allows for more dramatic imagery through reflections and light. Wilson describes his rediscovery to be his foundation on how to create, “My journey has taught me an important lesson. Follow your heart. Follow your passion. Do the things that are meaningful to you; not to anyone else. This is how I approach my art.”