Jennifer Janesko grew up in a world that allowed her to constantly access the world around her as inspiration.  Drawing and painting was a result of that inspiration and has remained her constant companion.  Jennifer grew up drawing and painting with her father, who supported living with an open mind and heart.  

After completing high school, Jennifer was awarded a full scholarship to Columbus College of Art & Design in Ohio.  Jennifer Janesko began a professional career as a fashion illustrator shortly after graduating from college. Following a successful commercial illustration career, Janesko transformed the fashion illustration genre into figurative work and embarked on a fine art career.  Janesko has explored many genres of fine art, but she feels deeply connected to her figurative work.  Many of Janesko’s figurative pieces include abstract and expressionistic elements which became the groundwork for her abstract original art.

Jennifer Janesko

Janesko has displayed and sold her fine art in Atlanta, Dallas, Kansas City, Laguna, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Ann Arbor, Atlanta, Chicago, New York City, Pittsburgh, San Diego, San Francisco and Toronto.  

The art of Janesko has been featured on a wine series by Haut Art Wines of Napa Valley, CA.  and last year, the artist teamed up with Dallas based CZ Guitars, to create one of a kind painted guitars.  Her work has been published in 4 books and has been featured on television and in film.

Janesko believes in a modernist approach to her work.  Each stroke of the brush or pencil is deliberate and communicates a story that although begun by the artist, is finished by the viewer.  Jennifer works with a mixed media approach, utilizing acrylic, oil, charcoal, pencil and ink.  Images are created on board, paper and canvas.  

When she is not pursuing her love of travel, Jennifer Janesko currently resides in Prairie Village, where she orchestrates her business out of her home studio.