Jane Booth

photo credit: Julie Denesha of KCUR

Jane booth


Jane Booth is a contemporary painter working out of Spring Hill, Kansas. 

Booth’s ranch studio overlooks a large open valley devoid of houses and lights and lush with native prairie, dense woods and sky: this broad environment serves as the foundation for her work. 

Originally schooled in ceramics, Booth pursued her love of sculpture and working with her hands by becoming a steel cutter and welder before turning to fine art. This background alongside her unfettered physical environment imbue her work with a visceral sense of space depth. 

Booth begins her process with her emotional presence and large rolls of raw cotton canvas that are cut to size before she manually pushes deep, rich stains of colors into the fabric. These colors become the atmosphere and environment the painting lives within. Booth then applies opaque mark making to this environment using an array of tools and sensory experiences. These marks stem from her own deeply interior shifts and continue until the work comes into balance. The result is work that is color saturated, often monumentally scaled, and incredibly tactile.

Booth’s work is in more than 600 private collections, numerous corporate collections and museums including the Albrecht-Kemper Museum and the Hunter Museum of American Art.